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If you live in New Mexico, you probably spend some time in the sun. Who doesn't? I mean, isn't that why we live here in the first place? But the Land of Enchantment is not without it's toll on your skin. We have a high altitude which, while making New Mexico a beautiful place to live also makes it #1 for skin cancers in the entire United States of America.

Growing up in New York City I spent many happy hours on the beaches of Long Island. My parents rented a summer bungalow & I was thrilled to be playing in the ocean from sun-up to sun-down daily. My sunburns were just small price to pay for the beautiful brown glow that followed the peeling on my chest and nose, and Noxema was my best friend. But as I grew up I started noticing that I now had lines around my eyes, and the skin on my decollete looked older with lines & brown spots. The dermatologist that I consulted with diagnosed me with “sun damage”, prescribed Retin A and told me to “stay out of the sun”. Such was the price to pay for younger looking skin.

Today (20 years later) I make it my business and my passion to care for skin. I now know that the years of sun damage were totally preventable, had we known about the risks. And yet, here in New Mexico I often run across people who have never had a facial or even use sun block on a daily basis. It surprises me (and I don?t shock easily!) to learn that people spend more money on getting tatooed, pierced, or going out to dinner then they do on purchasing products or doing services that would benefit the one thing that people look at most- their face!

But what can I do, you ask? The damage has already been done! For those of you who have spent your life baking in the UV's and have dry, lined skin, the damaged can be reversed! I use a line called Lira Cosmeceuticals, which has amazing ingredients that will exfoliate & lift your skin back to a more youthful, smoother texture. Peptides (chains of proteins) are mixed into the solutions to plump the skin and prevent that burning sensation that are associated with most exfoliations, and new technology such as Swiss Apple,Sea Fennel, Edelweiss, Alpine Rose and Grape Seed Stem Cells are also included in the mix to create new, healthy cells (DNA). Retinols (Vitamin A) are amazing and medically proven ingredients for both wrinkles and acne, as well as Colloidal Silver & Gold for healing the skin are used in these products.

There are many treatments can be done in a lunchtime, such as Microcurrent and Dermal-Needling as well as Chemical Peels that can remove the damaged skin with little or no down time.

So what are you waiting for? Great skin is yours for the asking. With a little commitment and great home-care products you too can put your best face forward! Oh yes, and don't forget the sun block!