Chemical Peels



Before Series of 3 Peels.#1 Peel- Pumpkin Plus Definer with SCT, #2 Lactic Clear Definer, #3-Lactic Clear Definer with Mineral Retinol Solution.

Pigmentation on forehead and cheeks are greatly diminished.  Homecare is used consecutively to suppress and prevent post-traumative pigmentation.


Before Series of 3 Peels. #1-Pumpkin Plus Definer with SCT, #2-Sal Pulp Definer with SCT, #3- 2 Layers of Mineral Jessner Solution.

Closed comedones and milia are brought to the surface for extraction. Minerals of colloidal silver & gold help calm & heal skin. Much less redness and a smoother texture Is the result.




 During a TCA with Retinol Peel. Pigmentation, wrinkles and texture are all improved. 2 layers each of TCA & Retinol are applied.  Peeling occured for 4 days, light flaking for 4 more days afterward.