Lira Clinical Skincare

I use Lira Clinical Skincare that is a professional line of home care products and peels that nourish and protect all types of skin. Because it is a professional product, it is not sold on the web or in stores, but only in professionals offices.  

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“A hero product in every way”

70% S²RM® – Recovery, our most advanced product, is a breakthrough serum that improves anti-aging results, speeds the healing process and reduces inflammation.  Recovery is abundant in our patented S²RM® technology, containing multiple adult stem cell released molecules, including potent antioxidants, peptides, and many other anti-aging molecules. This serum acts as a power boost to naturally return the skin to a healthy and radiant state. It is safe for daily use and corrects even the most damaged skin.

Recovery speeds the healing process and reduces post treatment inflammation and irritation with any anti-aging procedure including chemical peels, laser resurfacing,  micro-needling, Ultherapy, Radio Frequency and more.

For chronic and traumatized skin conditions, Recovery delivers molecules and other nutrients that are naturally abundant in healthy skin.

Recovery is safe and effective for treating radiation and chemo burns, as well as reducing scarring from surgery.


Enhances the results of every facial/modality in the treatment room

Assists in reducing pain and irritation post procedure

Speeds healing to resume normal activities more quickly

Improves the appearance of aging skin, sensitive skin, and acneic skin

Improves tone and texture

Reduces the appearance of pore size

Helps heal difficult conditions such as rosacea and acne

Assists in “scarless” healing

Supports and enhances collagen production

Oncology approved

This product comes in three sizes.  3 ml, 10 ml & 30 ml.

3ml- $39.50, 10ml- $119.50, 30ml - $319.50

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