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Amazing Facial


Amber M. says: I recently had the pleasure of getting a facial with Gloria. By far, BEST facial I have ever received. She was so patient and caring about the issues I wanted to address about my skin. Gloria provided recommendations and suggestions as to what steps I should take to get my skin where I want it to be. I highly highly recommend Gloria for anyone's skin care needs. She is very knowledgeable and professional. 

Great Experience!!!


Dawn M. says: This was my first visit to GG Skin Therapy and I am SO glad I discovered this place! I tried the Collagen Infusion Anti-Aging facial. Gloria explained the treatment to me and put me at ease as to what to expect at each step along the way. The facial encompasses cleansing, derma-needling, a refreshing collagen gel mask, a micro-current treatment, and an infusion of various skincare treatments. The skincare line is fabulous and makes your skin feel like silk afterwards. I was amazed at the difference and I had no side effects or irritation from the treatment. I would highly recommend GG Skin Therapy if you want the best skincare treatments available at affordable prices performed by a skilled and caring professional. I will most definitely be back!!!! 

Skin improvement with one microneedling treatment!!


Aimee A. says: Don't let the name scare you off. Gloria took time to ask me all the questions about my skin type and go over each step in this 30 minute procedure. Doing a total of 6, 30 days apart and saw improvements within 48 hours. Nothing like using your own collagen and a skilled provider to improve texture and fine lines! Highly recommend this service with Gloria. 

I highly recommend!


Angelina R. says: I've been struggling with acne for years and have tried many types of products with nothing ever working. I went in for an acne facial and Gloria was great! I liked that she also took time to talk to me about things I could change in my daily lifestyle that will help my skin improve. The facial was great and my skin feels better than it ever has! I'm excited to try the new skin products and I will definitely go back! 

Hormonal acne


Melissa C. says: I have been suffering from hormonal acne for about a month now. I am so happy with the Reuters my face looks just so beautiful and glowing I couldn't believe the results. I can't wait to go back! 

Pleasantly surprised


Anna B. says: I have been getting facials regularly however the salon moved too fat from my home. GG skin therapy is conveniently located. Gloria is very knowledgable ,giving helpful and relevant suggestions. She does not try to get you to buy any products,...and I appreciate that. After my facial, my skin looked radiant and felt as smooth as velvet 

Skin classic


Melissa C. says: Gloria is awesome! She took the time to talk through everything and I really appreciated it! She went through and removed broken capillaries and sun spots and though I am still healing I notice my skin looking so clear and smooth and so happy! I hope to be able to set a regular time to maintenance my skin with her. She is the real deal! Thanks Gloria! 

So happy I found GG Skin Therapy!


Maria C. says: After my dermatologist diagnosed the unsightly bumps on my skin as sebaceous hyperplasia and advised me how she would treat it I hesitated making an appointment to do so. I am so happy that I took the time to research the condition and was relieved to find GG Skin Therapy. Gloria is amazing and she used Skin Classic to treat the areas. There was some discomfort but not much. Her treatment room is very comfortable and I felt very relaxed and knew I was being treated by a true professional. The healing process went very well. Today I had my first facial with Gloria. I also have rosacea and stayed away from them as the few I had received in the past by other estheticians immediately irritated my skin. My skin looked so clean and the products she used were so soothing and calming for the rosacea I immediately booked a package of 4. My skin and I thank Gloria. She is knowledgeable, gentle, skilled and made me feel so comfortable. I highly recommend her!

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Love the results!
Dawn R says: 
I saw and felt the difference in my skin with my first visit to Gloria and am very impressed with the Lira Cosmeceuticals products she introduced me to. She put me right at ease and deftly took care of my skin with a gentle touch and reassurring demeanor. Such a wonderful and caring Professional! I can't wait to go back to her again for all my skincare and product needs.
Thankful I found GG Skin Therapy
Danielle D says: 
I haven't been in for a facial in years. Thankfully, I paid attention to all the reviews. It was relaxing, informative, and I'd say very successful. I will be going to Gloria on a regular basis from now on.
Problem skin
Dawn A says: 
My skin is very hard to work with and get results. Gloria is very knowledgeable and patient! I have acne, acne scars, other scars, spots and fine lines. I adore the Lyra products and we are seeing great results. Gloria has tailored my treatments to my skin. I'm so happy that someone is finally helped me so much! Thank you!!!
Best Microdermabrasion Therapy EVER!
Marie W says: For almost a year, I have received microDermabrasion from Gloria Goodman. I have acne and particularly sensitive skin. Ms. Goodman has been excellent about adjusting her services to meet my special skin requirements. I have had microDermabrasion for over a decade from three other estheticians, and by far, Gloria is the best! Gloria is very professional and knowledgeable about skin care options and skin care products. I have gotten good results from any product or treatment that I have received from her. I highly recommend Gloria Goodman.
Quality 3 / 3
Since moving to NM my skin has changed considerably, I haven't had a facial for several years but now that I'm over 50 it's become clear I'd better take action. I was very impressed with the facial I received from Gloria Goodman at GG Skin Therapy and her product knowledge. I started using the Lira product almost 2 weeks ago and can see and feel the difference. I'm going to try derma-needling next and will let you know how that goes. Thanks Gloria!
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Finally found a skin therapist in Albuquerque to help with my dark sun spots and acne scars

Christine K says: 

I had my first facial at GG Skin Therapy and LOVED how my face looked and felt after the Ultrasonic Treatment Facial! I could already see a difference after just one treatment. But what I'm REALLY excited about is the exfoliation peel treatments that Gloria is doing to finally get rid of my dark sun spots and scars from bad acne I had in the past!
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User Review - E. A
Review of GG Skin Therapy
Gloria is very knowledgable and has a great line of professional products. I really enjoyed my facial and my skin feels great!
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User Review - Englenn T
Great Facial
I was impressed that I had a brief phone consultation before my visit and then a more in depth one at my appointment. The products used smelled very fresh and left my face feeling very clean, I also felt relaxed and comfortable. I also didn't expect a message of my arms, head, and shoulder area, other places I have been to did not include this with the facial. I love coming here and I will continue to get my facials done here!
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Flossie Schwartz reviewed:
Quality 3 / 3
I have been going to Gloria for a few months now. Not only have I've seen a change in my skin but people have commented how nice my skin is looking. The facials are are comfortable plus she does a great job waxing. People may think getting a facial is a luxury but it's more than that. If you want to feel revived or if you know someone with problem skin, she can help with that too. Treat yourself and/or someone you love. PS: Not just for women,either.
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User Review - Jan R
Review of GG Skin Therapy
I've had numerous facials and microdermabrasions as well as dermaneedling and microcurranting and one chemical peel. They have been delightful experiences. GG.s products feel and smell great and my skin feels wonderful every time I leave!
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Great facial at GG Skin Therapy in Albuquerque!
Sheriece S says: 
I'm sold, I had my first facial in 15 years last week and Gloria was fantastic! She really knows her stuff and has amazing product knowledge. I was so impressed with the ultrasonic facial that I booked a series of 6 derma-needling treatments.
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User Review - Christine K
My Anti-Aging Facial and Treatment Products at GG Skin Therapy
I have had a great experience with GG Skin Therapy in Albuquerque! Not only was my facial relaxing and soothing, but I was so happy with how my face looked and felt afterward. I've been using the skin treatment products for a few weeks now, and am glad to report that I've not had any adverse reactions (which is a big deal for me, since I've always had sensitive skin that typically is quick to react negatively any time I've made changes to my skin regimen). I highly recommend GG Skin Therapy to anyone who is looking for a results-oriented facial in Albuquerque, or for anyone who may have had bad experiences in the past with facial treatments. You'll be in good hands :)
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