Lunch-Time Face Lift/Microcurrent

Microcurrent is a therapy used in high-end skin spas used to stimulate and re-train the face muscles. It was originally created by a doctor for someone he knew who had Bells Palsy which made the skin sag because the muscles were atrophied. What microcurrent does is use a very small amount of electrical current to stimulate the encery in the cell called ATP. This in turn will re-educate the muscle to lift. It's really great for jowls, neck waddle, bags around the eyes, and it is totally painless unlike Thermage which uses a lot of heat which can be painful. With microcurrent you feel absolutely no pain whatsoever. It can be done in a series or it can be done once or twice depending on how long you want the result to last. It's also great for fine lines and wrinkles, and pain, which it was originally created for. It can be used for the body as well. I'm going to do a demonstration here on the face. It's called a Lunch-Time Face-Lift. The stars use it before going on the red carpet when they want to look refreshed and energized without having any bruising from needles. And it is completely pain-free!